Thai Hom Mali Rice in Ubon Ratchathani

Why is Ubonratchathani Hom Mali Rice demanded for the international market ?

      Thai Hom Mali Rice from Ubonratchathani Province is outstanding because its uniqueness is fragrance, transparence, and long grains. In particular, after finished cooking, Hom Mali streamed rice is considerably aromatic, fluffy, and delectable. Such uniqueness is originated from scrupulous farming techniques of local farmers by transplanting and hand-harvesting in their own paddy fields. This is the reason that Ubon Hom Mali quality is exceptional.

      In regard to geography of Ubonratchathani, abundance of soil minerals in local rice fields dramatically affects rice fragrance as well. As for researches, rice fields in Ubonratchathani contain several essential soil minerals for Hom Mali rice aroma formation; that’s so-called 2-AP. In particular, Ubonratchathani has more phosphorus than other provinces. The nature of geography makes Ubon Hom Mali rice outstanding.

      Furthermore, the Thai government also establishes the largest rice research center in Ubonratchathani in order to produce seed and improve rice quality. Hence, according to Oryza, Ubon Hom Mali rice is famous and demanded for the international market.

      The best Thai Hom Mali Rice Award from the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand in 2016 and acceptance in national standards.


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